Sometimes I Wonder


On my lunch break today, I’m not sure what made me turn around, but I got sucked into a sales pitch sort of one-sided conversation with some type of bookseller on the street. The book, displayed in copies of multiple languages with a fiery cover and at least five hundred pages, apparently “speaks for itself”, he said.

Between trying to switch my brain to German mode and trying to get where I was going before my lunch break was over, I didn’t really hear much else before I told him that I just “don’t have the time.”

“You don’t need the time, though! Time is no matter!”, he replied as I politely walked away.

From what I could see, this book was a sort of “self-discovery” book, leaning more toward new-age, dark times sort of context. Slightly creepy if you ask me.


But it got me to thinking: about the people (Jehovah’s Witnesses) on the sides of streets I see every single day, with arms outstretched, melancholy faces, hoping someone will stop and talk to them.

How in the world is this even effective? Standing on the street passively waiting for people to evangelize!

However still! Approaching with eager and overenthusiastic attempts to “sell” is quite evidently not successful either.

If neither passive nor active evangelization are really quite the answer, how is one to make disciples of all nations!?

So I think to a concept from a brilliant book I am currently reading, which basically comes down to this:

That we must live our lives. With joy. With conviction. In pursuit of all that is good, true and beautiful. We must not force others to join us, rather let them see what we have and want it too.

“The main thing is not to go with the mainstream…Don’t overthink it.”

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