A Country Heart in the City

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

It seemed big to me, my hometown. It took years of exploring to really know my way around town and when I first started driving, I would have to map directions from one side of town to the other.

As it turns out, though, the world is full of much larger cities.

And as much as I love exploring and discovering the curiosities of new places, the countryside will always have my heart.

The fresh smell of horse manure and newly cut grass. Cricket sounds through open windows on a summer night. Sunsets only visible on an open horizon. Peace. The city will never have these things.

A co-worker suggested to me that the countryside is good for childhood, the city good for early adulthood and early midlife, and the countryside again is good for raising a family and growing old. And while I tend to agree, I find myself wanting to go back to the countryside already. I do think that my personality not only craves but needs the peace of nature for survival. Enough with the second-hand smoke, constant bustle, and rush to nowhere in particular. 



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