An Unconventional Saturday Night


As my plan had been to go hiking on Sunday, I decided to go to Mass on Saturday night. There was an event called 'Nightfever' and it was the most beautiful thing, I'm not sure anything in the US could really beat it.

Following Mass, there was something called 'Maiandacht' (and I honestly am still not quite sure what the English equivilant is) - but it's basically a devotion to Mary.

Directly after that, there was a Eucharistic procession within the (beautiful, beautiful) church, followed by adoration that lasted all night until 6am of the next morning.

The church was full, at least for the time that I was there. Candles were lit and placed along each pew, and music filled the air.

And between the homily and time of adoration, here's what struck me:

- Sometimes, more often than not, I think, God is merely someone to help us get somewhere. Or to live a certain form of holiness. Or to be a certain person. But this is so self centered. God should be the focus. Not the means to an end. Or a background noise. Both the gas pedal and the steering wheel, not only the former.

- Feeling lonely? There are others lonlier than you. Go to them. Help them. Be their friend. Turn your perspective around. 

- We focus so much on ourselves. Our own needs. What’s wrong with us. But chances are, there’s someone suffering more than we are - at least in a different way. A way in which we are strong. And healthy. Not to be forgotten. 

- Nothing to complain about. If you do compain, find a solution and work to fix it! Period. People who complain are "living dead" and not enjoying life!

- It’s funny how things work. How much life can change without really changing that much at all. And like I’ve said before: I guess it’s taken a trip to the other side of the world for me to change. To find a more authentic form of what I’ve always had.

- So, yes. There are moments when the second hand smoke of the lost souls around me creeps unwanted into my lungs, making my body feel slightly sick and my heart achy for the world.

- But there are also: the moments when the sunset moon peeks its way to say hello as I walk toward a gently dimming daylight after an underground commute. There are moments when I don't think I can take this world anymore. The nonsense. But there are also an abundance of moments to make up for it. Though, these moments are not easily recognized. It takes work.

- It is clear to me now: God has gently cracked open my heart and let an abundance of His light in. And my heart, that once knew but was more or less stone cold to this radiance, is now overflowing with the light. 

2018, ThesisMelissa Moon