The Important Things



This cooking magazine was left outside my bedroom door. And on the second to last page was this: a culmination of what I’ve been recently realizing.

What are the important things in life?

Here are some of the basics, all of which are either displayed or mentioned in these two pages. And each of these things point to something greater.

Family. The old man in this photo lives with his two brothers in an old farm house. He isn’t good at cooking, so he usually does the cleaning after meals. But his brothers, on the other hand, pick up on the cooking. The talents balance out perfectly.

Cooking. The three brothers grow their own food, and only run to the store for fresh bread and basics when necessary. Their cupboards aren’t stuffed, but they have all they need. The cooking, in addition, is something that brings them together as family. They don’t overindulge or worry about what they’re eating. They simply eat what’s fresh, in season, and what they have available to them.

Simplicity. They don’t need television or telephone. They have a refrigerator and a radio. They have neighbors and running water. All of this is written on the first page. And they survive.

History. There’s a rich history to their family and to their home. Their family has been living in this farm home since 1901. In 1951, electricity came to the home. And in knowing this history, they are able to live the life they do.

So. What do these aspects of living point to exactly?

Life. Pure and simple. And in this way of living, we are able to more fully focus on Life. Why we have Life, and the point of it all.