A Mistake?

Bookshelf Finds

Bookshelf Finds

It is a reoccurring theme in my life. I’m often homesick for a place I am currently in, knowing that one day I won’t be there anymore.

It’s like an intense foreshadowing of homesickness. Now.

I didn’t think I would get so comfortable somewhere other than my home in Michigan. But it’s happened. I have a few days left here in Switzerland, and I’m already homesick, knowing that I must leave.

So, was it a mistake? To travel across the sea and get so involved in family I may never see again? All I can say is that I must see them again someday, and although it won’t be the same, the children older and conversation different, so is life. And I’m learning the best I can.

The reasoning here – why I’ve gotten so comfortable here – are the shared values. And it’s lovely to see: my home is wherever God is.

All things considered, I can’t wait to return home – to the people and the land that first introduced Him to me. Because I miss them so.

P.S.   It wasn’t a mistake. I’m growing and I’m learning. And the forthcoming tears in my eyes can attest.

St. GallenMelissa Moon