To the Steeple

To the Steeple

Walking alone back to my bicycle after Church was slightly uncomfortable. The streets were vacant. The shops were closed.

And, of course, I was approached by a family asking for directions. They were obviously from out of town, but apparently didn’t know that I am too.

They wanted to get to the Cathedral.

The only trouble, though, was that they didn’t speak German and they knew very limited English.

They were asking if I spoke French or whatever their native tounge was – that I couldn’t distinguish because of their heavy accent.

Two main things I learned from this:

I should learn more languages


giving directions to the Church was not difficult, despite the language barrier.

There’s a real universality to the Catholic Church. And even for the lost, it’s quite simple to find. (Or at least to find someone to give you directions.)

You just can’t be afraid to ask for directions. Because that foreign family asking for help was the highlight of my day, I’d say, and it really made me realize many things.

I hope they were able to find the Church based on my directions. And I hope that in the future, I can give directions to many more people. Foreign or not.

St. GallenMelissa Moon